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M.W.B. #2

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

4th Week of October 2020

Wellness Tip of the Week

Allowing our daily rhythms to change with the changing seasons is an important facet of wellness. Even in modern society, our bodies and beings are deeply, intrinsically tied to nature. As the days become shorter, the winds turn cool, and the air grows crisp and dry, nature's changing rhythms that embody the autumn season impact our emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physiological states and experiences. If you have been feeling at all "off" in any of these areas, it's time to consider your daily rhythm: your body and being likely need support feeling grounded in the new season. This is a time for grounding quiet time in the morning before the sun rises, warm lemon water and herbal teas, grounding movements, warming foods*, and earlier evening routines.

*This is the PERFECT time of year to benefit from the Restorative Nourishment Framework! You may access the growing recipe box here for free, or purchase the complete, newly-refreshed framework here (use the code FALL at checkout for 20% off until the next MWB drops on November 8th). If you are a former client, please email Samantha to receive access to the updated version.​​


Make air-purifying Pumpkin Beeswax Candles* with your kids! Enjoy their warm, soft light during dinner and your family's evening routine.​ For inspiration, here* is a fall-themed children's book list I love: read aloud as a family by the light of your little candles.

*PROACTIVE MOMS LLC neither owns nor is in any way affiliated with these websites, and makes no claim of ownership or contribution to the linked content. Additionally, PROACTIVE MOMS LLC makes no claim of endorsement by these entities or individuals.


This Week's Equipment

  • Light kettlebell or dumbbell (10 lbs. MAXIMUM)

  • Two dumbbells (appropriate amounts of weight for both upper body and lower body work)

  • Blanket or yoga mat for knees


Functional Strength Training Circuit

Exercise #1: Alternating Halos in Tall-Kneeling


  • Blanket or yoga mat for knees

  • Light Kettlebell or Dumbbell (10 lbs. MAXIMUM) -- if using a dumbbell, place one hand on each head

Prenatal Variation: Bring knees closer together as needed to avoid pubic symphysis discomfort

Exercise #2: Tall-Kneeling Hinge


  • Blanket or yoga mat for knees

  • Dumbbell or Kettlebell (heaviest you can SAFELY manage)

Prenatal Variation: Shallow Hinge

Exercise #3: Alternating Tall-Kneeling to Standing with Curl & Overhead Press


  • Blanket or yoga mat for knees

  • Two Dumbbells (start relatively light to focus on form and stability)​​

Prenatal Variation: Please skip this exercise if you are experiencing frequent and/or severe pubic symphysis discomfort

Exercise #4: Elevated Single Leg Romanian Deadlift w/ Asymmetric Load (Both Sides)


  • Elevated surface such as a step, elevated fireplace hearth, foot stool, etc.

  • Kettlebell or Elevated Dumbbell (heaviest you can SAFELY manage)

Prenatal Variation: Variation: Standard Romanian Deadlift w/ Symmetric Load if you are experiencing frequent and/or severe pubic symphysis discomfort

Exercise #5: Sit-Back Squat with Gradual Descent


  • Two dumbbells (heaviest you can SAFELY manage)​


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