M.W.B. #3

2nd Week of November 2020

Wellness Tip of the Week (+Kids!)

Continuing with last month's reminder that healthy rhythms are fluid and look differently in different seasons, here are several Ayerveda-based seasonal swaps for you to try! When you do so, tune into your body's response and notice how you feel...

Instead of cold beverages 👉 Enjoy warm lemon water or herbal teas

Instead of smoothies 👉 Enjoy warm smoothie bowls

Instead of raw veggies 👉 Enjoy vegetables that have been roasted or sauteed in fat such as ghee, pasture-raised butter, or olive oil

Instead of dried fruits 👉 Enjoy seasonal fresh fruits

Instead of raw apples 👉 Enjoy stewed or baked apples

Instead of avoiding or restricting healthy carbs and fats 👉 Incorporate them in every meal

For Kids:

Invite your children to create their own sweet or savory Nourishment Bowl! For young children, prepare the individual components and place each one into a small bowl or muffin tin, allowing them to taste and mix & match the ingredients. Invite older children to draw or write their recipe, then help with the prep work. Savory nourishment bowl building blocks: veggie, grain, fat, protein. Sweet bowls can include unsweetened grass-fed yogurt, quinoa, oatmeal, rice, maple syrup, stewed fruits, nut butters, and/or soaked & dried seeds & nuts.


Functional Strength Training Circuit

Your 🍑 is gonna feel this one! PLUS it’s a nice stability challenge (without being too challenging).

I do NOT recommend this particular circuit if you are currently pregnant, unless under the guidance of a qualified pelvic PT.

Equipment You’ll Need:

👉Resistance Loop (light resistance), plus somewhere to anchor it

👉Dumbbells and/or kettlebells (appropriate amounts of weight for YOU to SAFELY complete upper and lower body work)

The Exercises:

1️⃣ Reach-to-Row with Rotation

2️⃣Glute Taps

3️⃣Skiing with Pivot

4️⃣Offset RDL to Overhead Press

5️⃣Squat with Eccentric Emphasis

✨Please note that if you are looking for detailed instructions for the individual movements, they will be added soon.

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