Revitalize Your Core

30 days

And fearlessly crank up your strength & confidence

with a holistic, multi-disciplinary appraoch to core strengthening

in less than

(Without the progress-blocking fear or overwhelm about what is and isn't safe and best for your body, and without depleting your already limited time and energy)

Do Any of These Describe You?

Mom who gave birth within the past year

Mom of toddler(s), school-aged children, teens

Empty nester with adult children

Whose tummy looks and feels different since pregnancy, or


Who's looking to safely rebuild strength while proactively nurturing your body's ability to keep up with and enjoy your family, hobbies, and goals?

If so, then you probably already know that you need reliable, specific-to-you, easy-to-implement guidance.


So I'll spare you the speech.

No need to be redundant and convince you of something that you already intuitively know and feel in your body.

After all, you probably already know that working with a multi-disciplinary, qualified team of postpartum specialists is the key tipping point that will allow you to get back into your favorite exercises or physical activities, reignite your confidence and faith in your body as you take on your physically demanding days, and allow you to truly enjoy rather than merely tolerate your body.

You've probably also heard that standard core exercises are insufficient and, in many cases, counterproductive for postpartum women, and that many of the physical symptoms that are considered to be normal experiences for women after pregnancy do not have to be an ongoing part of your life.

Here's what you 




Even if you're lucky enough to not currently be experiencing any physical symptoms (yay!), or even if you've had some success DIY-ing workouts with the help of YouTube or Instagram, having an easy-to-accomplish, intelligently-programmed, responsibly-coached strength training protocol that is specific to you and your body can:



Overhaul Core Function + Appearance

Once you have the right training program, you will be able to understand and master the the ability to tune in and connect with your core like never before, and effectively, progressively strengthen your core and body in order to achieve your goals. Doing so can improve and even resolve common postpartum complaints like the frustrating 'still pregnant look,' low back pain, occasional urinary incontinence, or general, lingering core weakness.

Deepen Your Awareness + Understanding of Your Body

Knowledge produces understanding, and understanding produces compassion: our postpartum bodies need both enhanced understanding and compassion following the resoundingly impactful experiences of pregnancy and birth. Learning about your body's process of recovery will change the ways in which you care for and exercise it, informing your goals and improving your results.

Ramp Up Overall Fitness, Health and Well-Being

Healthy core function is a key component of your ability to take on the intense physical demands of motherhood, keep up with and enjoy your children, safely engage in your favorite exercises and physical activities, relieve aches and pains, and feel sexy and confident.


Proactively Equip Your Body for the Future

Planning for a Future Pregnancy:

If you feel you may not yet be done growing your family, doing your part to make sure that your core is healed and functioning well will be a serious game-changer for your next pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery.



Due to diminished estrogen levels associated with menopause, symptoms linked to long-standing core and pelvic floor dysfunction tend to set up shop, EVEN IF you had been asymptomatic (without symptoms) previously. Don't allow you core and pelvic floor to be at an early disadvantage, by taking early action.

Become the Strongest + Most Confident You've Ever Been

Postpartum is a place of honor and strength, not brokenness. You can be your STRONGEST, most CONFIDENT, HEALTHIEST self after babies!

Now, even though the desire to safely and effectively strengthen your core and body after pregnancy is alive and well, the process involved in actually doing it is



 You have been cleared by your obstetrician or midwife to return to exercise, but maybe your body and core feel distinctly different than ever before.


You're frustrated, seeing improvements to other areas of your body, but it just feels like your core is stalling out, and it's holding you back. You're pretty intrinsically motivated and relatively committed to prioritizing your long-term health and restoring your postpartum body, but you don't definitively know what to do and how or how often to do it. Not only is your life busy and you don't have energy and time to waste on ineffective solutions, you're also concerned about doing more harm than good, and of unintentionally causing or perpetuating damage.

You are working hard to do the right things: you're making modifications, trying to "listen to your body," and learning what you can online by watching YouTube videos or following fit moms on Instagram...


But there's a raging sea of information out there, and distinguishing opinion from evidence-based recommendations isn't easy or straight forward. Plus it can feel overwhelming to decipher what is appropriate for your body. So even with the mountain of free resources available, perhaps you've quietly wondered whether you're doing the right exercises the right way for your body. 

Perhaps in your most frustrated or defeated moments, you've let go of hope that your body could ever regain or surpass it's pre-baby abilities and composition. Or you've persuaded yourself to let go of certain fitness goals that now seem incompatible with your postpartum body.

If you're super committed, maybe you've purchased an online fitness program, assuring yourself that you'd stick with it, only to find yourself stuck or stalled. So many would-be-, should-be-healed, -strong, -thriving women fall victim to programs that prey on the insecurities and lack of reliable information that overshadow the postpartum season, unethically promising drastic, quick results... but then they're left without adequate support and evidence-based recommendations specific to them. And here's the thing... 

5 Lame Reasons Most Fitness 

Programs Fail Women

(and How to Ensure Yours Doesn't Fail You!)

Reason No. 1

Promising quick fixes unbacked by science or evidence, and preying on a manufactured need to 'bounce back'

It's super unfortunate that this happens - but the reality is that unethical trainers stand to profit when you believe the lie that you need to bounce back ASAP and that your body needs fixing.


The truth is, pregnancy has profoundly impacted and transformed your body, and this merits a degree of knowledge, skill and care that inherently is more refined and more specific than for someone who has never been pregnant.


And the right training and coach, you can be your strongest and healthiest version of you this world has seen yet! 

Reason No. 2

Selling a one-size-fits-all approach (because it's scale-able and profitable), and neglecting personalized support 

Bakers who live in high-altitude climates can attest that very specific adaptations to recipes are needed given the altitude. Your postpartum body is like that talented baker creating delightful bakes in the mountains of Colorado: your corrective exercise 'recipe' requires precision and specificity to the 'climate' of your movement patterns, goals, experiences, etc.


Your birth experience, postpartum recovery, body mechanics, goals and preferences are all uniquely yours, and merit a uniquely-you solution.

Reason No. 3

Progressing exercises either too quickly or insufficiently, and failing to prioritize functional core training

There is an art and science to identifying the right combination of exercises to challenge your core at the level that is appropriate for you...


Make it too challenging, and you can over-tax and strain the muscles and connective tissues. But err on the side of caution and make the program too basic, and you'll miss out on progress.

Plus, life is 3-D: you're moving, twisting and lifting all day long. Your life is demanding and dynamic. You don't live your life on the floor, so your core training shouldn't be limited to the floor, either. 

Reason No. 4

Misguidedly assuming that personal experience is equivalent to qualification 

I am a mother of two children just 17 months apart, and I have restored my own healthy core function after living with impairment from diastasis rectus abdominis. This improves my ability to empathize and communicate with fellow moms, but it cannot stand-in as my qualification to coach postpartum women.


While we all respect the school of hard-knocks, don't overlook the importance of your trainer's education and formal training, especially as it relates to the unique experiences, needs and considerations of postpartum bodies.

Reason No. 5

Acting like the world revolves around fitness

Uh, no. We busy. This is what makes online programs so great, right? They're convenient! 


Whether you consider yourself a cross-fit athlete, fitness queen, or a non-athlete, non-fitness enthusiast, we ALL deserve and need healthily functioning cores. For the majority of us, fitness is a means to an end. So the program has to fit your life and be capable of coexisting with the many responsibilities and priorities you juggle as a mom.

Want in on a

little Secret?


Even though we know that our cores and need to be lovingly rehabed after pregnancy, there are a lot of non-evidence-based, opinion-heavy and personal-experience-heavy recommendations being offered to moms.

The barriers to reliable, specific-to-you, easy-to-implement functional core and full-body strength training for moms are many and problematic.

And the main reason for this, is a lack of actionable, evidence-based recommendations that actually help women achieve their specific goals in the context of their unique body, experiences and preferences.

But as long as you can avoid the biggest issues that prevent most moms from effectively using exercise to celebrate and strengthen their bodies,

You're golden.


The key ingredient to all of this is the know-how to confidently and safely strengthen your core and body

And with your permission,

I would love to show you how to do just that...


Core ReBoot Camp

With Samantha Dorsey, CPT, CPPC, CPFS, FMS-1, FMS-2

A proven, 6-week hybrid in-person  + online program to finally find freedom from your uncertainties about how to best train your core and body after pregnancy, regain confidence in and control of your core, and harness and nurture your body’s strength, all in a supportive and motivating tribe of fellow moms.

Here's the Play-by-Play...

Step 1

Discovering Your Body's Unique Patterns and Needs

This first step is about learning from your body about its unique compensatory movement patterns, struggles, and needs.


You will be guided through one-on-one assessments with a fitness specialist and pelvic floor physical therapist, and their collective findings will be used to create recommendations specific to you.

Step 2

Awakening the Muscles of Your Intricate & Dynamic 'Deep Core System'

You will take the first crucial steps to lay the foundation for restoring healthy core function after pregnancy by familiarizing yourself with your Deep Core System:


You will learn how to connect to your Deep Core System, take your pelvic floor muscles and connective tissues through their full range of motion, and re-calibrate your breathing technique. You will also explore (and begin to investigate the why behind) what your postpartum body is experiencing, and use these insights to create goals, calibrate expectations, and declare intentions.

Step 3

Melting Muscular Tension to Pave the Path for Stability & Strength Training

This step is all about releasing tension from the muscles that have been highly impacted by pregnancy, and that are highly influential in core function


This is the crucial next step, because muscles that are over-active and tight cannot be effectively trained or strengthened, and they create a false sense of stability.

Step 4

Reminding Your Muscles How to Behave After Pregnancy

>>You will begin re-training the muscles of your Deep Core System, reminding them how and when to respond.

>>You will identify your 'red flag' movement patterns, and experience nearly immediate improvements via your corrective exercise regimen on the path to long-term progress.


>>You will begin to train surrounding muscle groups that are influential in core and pelvic floor function, and you will begin to explore and increase awareness of your posture.

Here's what you get when you enroll today:

CorePlus Discovery Session with Samantha: This one-on-one, 60-minute evaluation with Samantha conducted in your home or office includes a Functional Movement Screen, Functional Core Assessment, and custom corrective exercise prescription.

Pelvic Floor Screen with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Partner: This one-on-one, 30-minute screen will include a condensed assessment of your low back, pelvis and pelvic floor. Please note that if you are being referred to the program by your pelvic floor physical therapist, you may opt out of this screen and replace it with a 30-minute follow-up session with Samantha.

Customized COREctive Exercise Blueprint: For four weeks, you will receive a fully customized, weekly circuit of corrective exercises specific to you based on the results of your assessments. This carefully planned, easy-to-follow program that you can do with minimal equipment anywhere allows you to get results faster, without necessitating the hefty investment of money and time that would be needed to sustain multiple in-person sessions weekly, which just really isn't feasible for us busy moms.

BONUS Unlimited Access to the Sculpted Tummy Toolkit: The thoroughly researched 7 modules within this signature digital course equip you with need-to-know education about your postpartum body that can be studied on your own. Each week for 4 weeks, you will receive access to 2-3 new modules that will provide need-to-know knowledge and context without all of the overwhelm or time-consuming fluff. This convenient format allows you to revisit lessons again and again, and enables us to maximize the efficiency of our time together.

BONUS Unlimited Private Facebook Group Membership: This is the perfect avenue to give and receive encouragement and accountability to and from your camp mates between our in-person sessions! It's also a great way to enhance learning with discussion about topics covered each week in Core Re-Boot Camp and Academy. Samantha will host a live Q & A each week on relevant topics, with guest experts as needed.

When you add it all up, that's a total real-world value of $382

But when you enroll today, you get access to all of this for... 

An investment in yourself and your health of


Core Re-Boot Camp

is perfect for you if...


You've been told or suspect that you have diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA), or things with your core or abs just "feel off" or "out of touch."

Maybe you're even close to or back to your pre-baby weight, but your tummy still doesn't look or feel the way you'd hoped at this point.

Screenshot 2018-09-18 at 6.45.28 PM.png

Perhaps you want to get back into exercising after your most recent pregnancy,

but you're not sure how or where to start, and you're concerned about doing more harm than good for your body, or of unintentionally causing or perpetuating damage.

Fitness Class

Or maybe you'd like to start participating in group exercise classes or training at your gym,

but your core looks and feels different after pregnancy, and you sense that you need to start or supplement with safe core training, but you're not exactly sure how. 


You feel pretty motivated, but lack straight-forward action steps in which you feel 100% confident:

You're ready and willing, but lack a clear, personalized road map, and we know that motivation without a plan is like a seed without soil. But reading all of this, you're feeling a wave of excitement and hope. With a step-by-step plan, accountability, and encouragement, you'd be killin' it.


You've already been seeking answers 

be it from YouTube, Instagram, or a fitness professional online or at your gym.


You're excited about intermittently working with a specialist IN PERSON, not just virtually

because you know an expert can help you understand the “why” and “how” within the context of your own body. You want someone to watch you perform the exercises and give you feedback instead of having to guess and hope that you're doing them correctly.

Cookie Cutters

You wisely perceive the shortcomings of a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all program:

You want a customized plan that is informed by your unique body.

Did you catch yourself nodding?