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We want to see you embracing your body, taking charge of every dimension of your health, and claiming your healthy pregnancy, birth, and beyond!
First, we think you should know who you're working with:
  • Like you, we are frustrated that expecting and new mothers do not consistently get outstanding, compassionate care and support.

  • We understand how it feels to be given incomplete information and vague recommendations, and to have to turn to Google and social media to figure out what’s what and fill in the blanks.


  • We understand how it feels to try to navigate postpartum healing in a culture and healthcare system that doesn’t prioritize the holistic health of women after giving birth.


  • Like you, we are frustrated that traumatic experiences are too often a part of women’s birth stories.


  • Nobody should have to hear about relevant, important women’s health issues for the first time while she is experiencing them.


  • We understand how it feels to want to fully trust and rely on the recommendations of your prenatal healthcare provider, but then to later learn that important information or options were never discussed.


  • Nobody should have to experience getting pushed around while in a vulnerable position.

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