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Tummy feeling stuck?

Core feeling weak?

Looking for reliable answers?

In this signature digital course, you will learn the fundamental skills and knowledge that you need to start to transform your core, body, and health - no matter your season of motherhood...

Do any of these sound familiar?


You're quietly wondering whether your body will ever look, feel or perform like it did before.

DURING Pregnancy: Maybe you're feeling motivated to proactively 'prehab'  your body before or during pregnancy so that you can feel healthy, strong, and confident during the series of coming physical transformations;


AFTER Pregnancy: You feel vain or guilty for even asking, because you truly are so grateful and proud of your body for all that it has accomplished through pregnancy and birth... but the questions persist: "Is this really the new me from here on out? Can I nurture my fittest and strongest body yet, or are those days behind me?"


Maybe you've been told or suspect that you have diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA), or things with your core or abs feel off,

DURING Pregnancy: Perhaps you are beginning to notice signs of core or pelvic floor dysfunction, and you don't want to sit idly by as it becomes more and more pronounced over the course of pregnancy. You want to take action, you're just not exactly sure which actions are needed or best for your body; 


AFTER Pregnancy: Maybe you're even close to or back to your pre-baby weight, but your tummy still doesn't look or feel the way you'd hoped or expected at this point.


You recognize how incredibly demanding of your body pregnancy/motherhood are,

and you want to be strong so that you can do essential things like safely lift and play with your children, or keep up with and ENJOY your busy life (now and for many years to come).


Catch Yourself Nodding?

Redefine 'Mom Bod' and BOLDLY turn up your Confidence and Strength! 

Action-oriented, evidence-based, and from the comfort of your home, join Coach Samantha Dorsey for this awesome, virtual learning experience, and receive the insights to NURTURE and STRENGTHEN your body.


Mastering the Art of 'Listening' to Your Body



Valuing Your Body's Process of Postpartum Recovery



Re-Calibrating Your Core with Your Breath



Creating Healing Beneath Your C-Section Scar



Awakening the Muscles of Your Dynamic Deep Core System



Demystifying Diastasis Rectus Abdominis



Mindfully Moving During Exercise & Life



Nurturing Non-Physical Postpartum Healing

What's Inside

This course is  perfect for you if ANY of the following describe you:

>>You are TTC  or pregnant (many of these skills can - and should - be applied during pregnancy so that you can prepare your body for birth and postpartum recovery)


>>You gave birth within the past year

>>You are a mama (whether your children are toddler(s), adults, or anywhere in between)

>>You are a healthcare professional who works with prenatal and postpartum women

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