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This framework articulates a gentle, deeply restorative practice for your gastrointestinal tract during and following the physiologically, neurologically, and psychologically demanding and adaptive experiences of pregnancy and childbirth. It consists of seven principles which you will learn and implement, step by wonderful step!


The Restorative Nourishment Framework (RNF) aims to help you discover and enjoy the foods that will align with and support you in your current life-season, that will not exasperate or contribute to already-heightened physiological stress. We are going to make nourishment easy and accessible for your body, rather than requiring an already-tired system to work hard to access and use the nutrients from your food. Please note that the RNF as a protocol is neither vegan nor vegetarian.


Who Will Benefit from the RNF?


This framework is especially important during the first 45 to 60 days postpartum, and it may be beneficial for women who are years, even decades postpartum. The following bullet points highlight several criteria that align especially well with the RNF:


  • Currently pregnant
  • Proactively prepping pantry and freezer for baby's arrival
  • Within the fourth trimester (the first 3 months following childbirth)
  • Within the delayed postpartum period (the first 6 months following childbirth) and/or experiencing prolonged postpartum symptoms*


*The Restorative Nourishment Framework is not medical advice, and it is not intended to take the place of recommendations and counsel provided by your healthcare provider(s). Continue to seek and prioritize the input of your doctor(s), mental health therapist, dietitian, etc. while using this guide and any related materials.


What's Included Inside the RNF?


  • The framework itself consisting of seven principles
  • Grocery Guide highlighting ingredients to favor and ingredients to avoid
  • Recipe Box
  • Recipe Templates
  • Access to Samantha as needed

The Restorative Nourishment Framework

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