Experience Life Differently Through Gratitude

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

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Hey, mama, feel grateful often, but also feel like consistently being authentically grateful is kind of hard sometimes? Me, too.

"Can I just unsubscribe from the hard stuff?" ...I mean, it would make gratitude SO MUCH easier, wouldn't it? In 2016, I had back surgery, and prior to that, I struggled with debilitating, chronic pain throughout my body. During that time, my world was in gray-scale... colorless. I share a bit about that experience in today's episode.

Gratitude is a mechanism that allows us to access an entirely new perspective of the same experience. And sometimes, perhaps most times, it's a decision before it is a feeling. I believe it is one of the most life-changing forms of self-care that we can tap into (plus it's free!), because it quite literally impacts both our physical and mental health, as well as that of everyone with whom we interact. Ever notice how your body, thought life, and/or interactions with others feel different when you're feeding a perspective of gratitude?

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

>>[0:34] Samantha’s life-changing year, and how her life took a complete one-eighty.

>>[3:12] The idea that the location of our pain is not always the source of our pain and how this directly relates to our daily life.

>>[5:03] How we assume that because we're experiencing resistance, frustration, or any kind of discomfort in a specific area of our lives, it's that area that needs to be 'fixed', and how we can correct this.

>>[7:13] A reference to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and how we tend to use this in our daily lives.

>>[9:31] Why gratitude is like the mechanism that allows us to see more of the electromagnetic spectrum.

>>[13:48] How we can practice gratitude as the most effective form of self-care.

>>[16:07] An experience that changed Samantha’s perspective on empathy.

>>[20:48] An exercise in which you take ‘I have to’ and turn it into ‘I get to’, and see how much things change in your daily life.

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