How to Heal from Traumatic Experiences with Stevie Spiegel, LCSW

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

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You are resilient, your body is wise, and you have the ability to heal from the traumatic experiences you’ve endured. According to Stevie Spiegel, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, trauma is anything that is distressing and disturbing and continues to be so. Trauma is subjective and relative: your feelings are valid, and your experience was significant. Join Stevie and me as we bring light to this heavy topic, and talk not only about how to listen to your body and communicate your story, but also how to be a good listener and meaningfully supportive for others in your life who’ve experienced trauma.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

>>[3:24] The definition and experience of trauma.

>>[4:46] An in-depth description of trauma, and the differences between 'little t' traumas and 'Big T' Traumas.

>>[7:05] A problematic phrase that most moms run into: ‘it’s normal,' and how to rephrase this into a support statement.

>>[9:19] How we can radically accept our feelings as valid.

>>[13:48] Diving deeper into Big T’s and little t’s, the difference, how to handle them in their own specific ways.

>>[15:15] What it looks like to be ‘healed’

>>[17:52] An overview of EMDR and how to incorporate it into our healing journey.

>>[23:53] The importance of listening to what our bodies are telling us, and how to tune in.

>>[29:36] Finding the purpose and meaning of trauma.

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About Stevie:

Stevie Spiegel is a wife, mom, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and advocate. She is part owner of Wild Hope, a practice in Brookside that serves women and their journey through motherhood. She is passionate about helping people uncover their innate wisdom and ability to heal through therapy. Stevie loves the work she does and feels blessed to be a part of so many people’s stories!

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