Better Breathing Habits for a Stronger Core

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

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Sometimes seemingly small changes pack a big punch, and breathing habits definitely fall into this category: your ‘deep core system’ responds to every single breath you take, so tweaking your breathing pattern directly impacts how well your core functions. In today’s episode, I take you on an audio tour of your deep core system, pinpoint bad breathing habits and explain why they are problematic, and walk with you through actionable steps you can take to identify and improve your own breathing pattern. This is a special episode in which I give you a sneak peek into some of the exact content I teach my clients! Come on, mama, join me and notice the difference that breathing better can make!

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

>> [1:40] A hands-on activity to assess our breathing patterns and breathing habits.

>> [3:59] A detailed definition of what our ‘core’ really is.

>> [10:22] The ‘chesty breathing’ pattern that is often identified and how this can affect your body and contribute to additional stress.

>> [12:13] The most common breathing pattern, the ‘tummy suck’ that stems from acceptance and the stigma to not have our bellies ‘hanging out’.

>> [14:12] What is happening in our core system when we are breathing and how our diaphragm is helping to facilitate this.

>> [16:16] A hands-on exercise to help you correct ‘chesty breathing’ or ‘tummy suck’ breathing.

>> [19:31] Suggestions and ideas as to how you can continue to practice this and apply it moving forward.

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