How to Nurture Your Child’s Emotional and Mental Well-Being with Maureen Francois - Part 2

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

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Mama, you have to take care of yourself first: you have to fill your cup in order to give your kids what they need. Maureen Francois is back for Part 2 talking with me all about play therapy, imaginative play, predictable schedules and, you guessed it, how utterly important self-care is for moms. Maureen explains that children don’t have the ability to express their feelings as adults do, and instead, they express themselves through their play!

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

>> [2:25] Play therapy and how a child’s most powerful language is through play.

>> [8:27] Skills and changes that we may start to see as a result of play therapy.

>> [12:27] Principles and strategies we can pull from play therapy and apply in a less formal way ourselves, without the direct oversight of a therapist.

>> [14:39] How to foster imagination, when to use imaginative play and when to use educational play, and how to find the balance in that as a parent.

>> [18:23] How we can balance structured time versus non-structured time.

>>[25:15] Our mental health as moms, and some things we need to be doing in order to take care of ourselves.

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About Maureen:

Maureen Francois is a wife, a mother to two daughters, Licensed clinical social worker, certified play therapist and the co-owner of Wild Hope Counseling. Maureen is passionate about supporting women through the process of mothering as well as equipping parents and children to feel more successful in their day to day lives. I am so grateful, honored and blessed to have the opportunity to share in the lives of so many! Let’s be real I LOVE my job!

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