6 Principles for Nurturing an Abundance Mindset in Marriage

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Have you ever considered that it's possible to have an abundance vs scarcity mentality specifically within the context of marriage? If you're married, you know that having the support of your spouse is really important and helpful when working towards consistently prioritizing self-care. If we're operating from a place of scarcity - which prompts us to do things like "keep score" and cling to fairness - it can really hinder our ability to fully support one another in the pursuit of what we individually need in order to flourish as a unit. Maintaining an abundance mindset allows you and your partner to not only have a strong foundation of respect in your marriage, but also allows each person to get what they need in order to thrive. In today's episode, we're exploring 6 principles to nurture an abundance mindset within your marriage.

In today's episode, you'll hear:

>>[4:20] What it means to have an abundance mindset, both in general and in marriage, and why it matters.

>>[5:05] Stephen Covey, author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and the key differences between having a scarcity mentality versus having an abundance mindset.

>>[7:17] Six principles for nurturing an abundance mindset in our marriages.

>>[8:22] Principle #1: The perpetual state of being sacrificial is not noble

>>[10:30] Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning, and his process of ‘five minutes’ to feel your feelings.

>>[12:58] Three steps we can take when you feel you are too often making sacrifices in your marriage.

>>[16:01] Principle #2: The “I can’t, so you shouldn’t” standard is a lose-lose scenario

>>[20:56] Principle #3: Keeping score keeps our focus off what matters

>>[23:40] Principle #4: Permission to practice self-care is not a bargaining chip

>>[25:59] Principle #5: We all need at least one hobby (and it must be unrelated to our children)

>>[28:39] Principle #6: Our “Focus” is our secret-weapon

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