Your Self-Worth Must Come from Within

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

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The physical is intertwined with the nonphysical, the subconscious directs the conscious, and the visible and hidden parts of us are all working together to set our course and compute our life's trajectory. In this episode, we're discussing the profound impact of our sense of worth and worthiness.

In our special pre-launch episode, you'll hear:

  • [3:19] How our identity and sense of worth & worthiness relate to the pursuit of fitness and health

  • [5:34] Your worth as being independent of external inputs, and why we need to stop attaching it to affirmation, reassurance and encouragement (especially from people we don't know, love, trust or respect)

  • [8:07] Why encouragement alone is insufficient, and what we should be seeking instead

  • [8:39] What you need more than affirmation, reassurance and encouragement

  • [9:11] The actual source of your worth & worthiness

  • [10:35] What to expect from this podcast, and a bit about Samantha

  • [16:11] A task for next time: How do you answer the question, "What do you do?"

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