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What you do during pregnancy impacts your postpartum body.

Guided by brief instructional videos and helpful descriptions, learn how to effectively engage your deep core throughout pregnancy in order to proactively nurture abs that look great and function healthily after baby!

what's inside the toolkit?


Learn a bit about the muscles and function of your deep core.


Learn how to "connect" to and control the muscles of your deep core.

BONUS: Connect Cues Cheat Sheet


Learn how to sync up your deep core with your breathing.

BONUS: The why behind the how

the Author


Learn how to apply your new skills to movement and exercise!


the Author

Samantha Dorsey is the founder and owner of Rebel Mama Fitness LLC. A mother of two, she is a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise, certified prenatal & postnatal coach, and certified postnatal fitness specialist. She is passionate about guiding women to pursue their unique brand of happy, healthy and well during and after pregnancy.

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