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4 Secrets to Preparing for a Natural Birth

FREE, LIVE online masterclass for expecting mothers, whether you plan to have your baby in a hospital, a birth center, or your home.

what to expect


How to have confidence in your decisions and your body so that you can feel unconcerned and unintimidated.


The muscles involved in childbirth, and how to safely improve muscular strength and endurance throughout pregnancy without unintentionally causing damage to your body.

Heart & Hands Outline


How to self-advocate during an inherently vulnerable time so that you consistently feel heard and respected.


How to mentally prepare for and approach the physical discomfort and pain of childbirth so that you can trade in anxiety for peace.

meet Samantha

Samantha Dorsey is a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise, and specializes in prenatal and postnatal fitness. She lived with chronic pain for a year before finding resolution, and since then has had two unmedicated births. She is the founder and owner of Rebel Mama Fitness LLC, and is passionate about guiding women to pursue their unique brand of happy, healthy and well during and after pregnancy.

the Brand

Rebel Mama Fitness is a proud leader in the movement of women unapologetically embracing their bodies, taking charge of their health and that of their families, and claiming healthy pregnancies, births, and beyond!

We create prenatal and postnatal wellness programs for busy, proactive women so that they can feel confident, well and empowered through every stage of early motherhood. 

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