You know how women don't consistently receive exceptional support and clear guidance regarding their holistic well-being and transforming bodies throughout prenatal and postpartum years?

Yeah, we're here to solve that...

We are dedicated to helping you feel and function at your absolute best via an innovative interdisciplinary approach to fitness & women's wellness that is AFFORDABLE and AMAZING!

hey there! 

i'm Samantha

I am a mother of three boys, and a prenatal & postnatal coach who specializes in functional core + strength training; Around here, we are passionate about partnering with women through all seasons of motherhood


By coaching strategies and evidence-based practices to proactively nurture your health and wellness, with an emphasis on functional core & strength training and nutrition specific to moms


1: So that you can vibrantly live your crazy-beautiful, beautifully crazy life on your terms, right now and for many years to come;

2: So that you can be the type of woman who is strong to your core;

3: And because, indisputably, wholeness is your birthright


On Your Team

Here at proACTIVE MOMS, we deliver interdisciplinary, holistic wellness solutions created for women, by women. 

More About Samantha

Certified Prenatal + Postnatal Coach

with the Coaching and Training Women's Academy

Functional Movement Systems Certified Professional

FMS Levels 1 + 2

Certified Postnatal Fitness Specialist

with JMG Fitness Academy

Certified Personal Trainer

with the American Council on Exercise

 Here's the thing...

Healthcare tends to be reactive rather than proactive, and does not consistently protect and empower women's

holistic, long-term health and well-being...

Yet you wisely demand better.

You know deep down to your core that you exist to do so much more than just get by; You want to thrive... And you understand that your fitness & wellness comprise one of your Primary Pillars (i.e., a super-important thing that enables you to do all of the other super-important things)...

Take care of your transformed and transforming, life-creating and life-sustaining body, so that you can keep on keeping up with the little (or grown) humans and passions you enjoy and love, now and for many years to come.

Join us,  proactive mom, as you competently take your wellness into your own capable hands with our expert guidance & support