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Create Your proActive Pregnancy


You have a vision for your pregnancy and birth.

You hope for your pregnancy to be healthy, your baby's birth to be wonderful, and your postpartum body to thrive.

Let's improve your odds.

Each pregnancy and birth is unique, and specific outcomes can never be promised or guaranteed. Strength training is a tool we use during pregnancy




What you do for physical activity (and how you do it) before and during pregnancy has far-reaching impact on your pregnancy, baby, birth and postpartum body

Morher and Baby

Throughout Pregnancy

What you do for physical activity (and how you do it) in the first months and years after pregnancy can substantially benefit or hinder your ability to keep up with and enjoy your family and life


Another woman's experience

"​I have a history of back issues that have impeded my fitness from time-to-time. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew if I wasn't strong, I'd likely rebound my back issues so sought out a professional who would be able to work with my situation.

I am in my third trimester and feel strong, energetic, and have minimal negative side effects from pregnancy - for the most part I'm comfortable! I know this is largely due to Samantha's program she has customized for me and my commitment to completing what she outlines.

I have so many friends and family members that had difficult pregnancies. My husband and I are both pleasantly surprised that my back issues haven't returned, I am not experiencing swelling, and my mobility and comfort are great. We are both from athletic backgrounds so appreciate what fitness does for your overall health - this experience seems to affirm that!

Samantha is so supportive, attentive, and kind. I always feel valued when we are working out together and in-between when she sends messages to check on me or remind me of upcoming 'solo' work outs.

While she might be one of the nicest people you'll come across, that doesn't keep her from challenging me in the work outs! She provides the perfect balance."

Build Your Own proActive Pregnancy



Samantha offers a unique hybrid of in-person group sessions and online coaching. For many women, meeting in person multiple times per week isn't feasible. This is where online coaching becomes incredibly valuable and effective: Samantha gives you everything you need to keep progress moving forward in between in-person sessions. But online coaching on its own is insufficient: not only do you stand to gain encouragement, accountability, friendships and enhanced learning when you engage in physical activity in community, you need the expertise of your coach to assess and offer personalized recommendations and cues to ensure you are optimally executing movements and exercises. Immobile babies are welcome in the studio with mommy, and on-site babysitting is available.

LOCATION: Various locations in Overland Park, Kansas

Onboarding Package: Digital Course + one-on-one in-person consultation + 8 in-person sessions + 2 months of access to online coaching for $550 or 4 payments of $137.50

Regular Package: $430

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