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The Mindful Wellness Blueprint
for Jesus-lovin'
Moms + Kids!

Oh that you would love yourself, dear sister, confidently and comfortably abiding in the beautiful truth that He first loved you: "We love because he first loved us" -1 John 4:19. You are the miraculous workmanship of the Creator, on Earth with divine purpose for such a time as this; therefore, care for yourself so that you may be well, shine with radiance from deep within, and richly delight in your life - this is both your privilege and responsibility. Around here, we treat wellness as a verb, and acknowledge that caring for our whole-being wellness is a sacred practice and form of worship. Remember always, Today matters for Eternity. You wear many hats as a mother, one of which is as your family's Wellness Keeper: my desire is to support you in this deeply important role.

In Love and Health,


Infusing Self-Respect + Wellness Into Your Family Culture

Welcome! These blueprints are about proactively taking responsibility for and upholding both our personal and familial health, and nurturing self-respect and wellness as living family values in our homes. Before we go any further, we need to establish a working definition of what it means to be healthy and to pursue health + wellness.


Here at proACTIVE MOMS, Health is a Mosaic Which Includes:

Taking Delight, Stewardship + Taking Responsibility, Respect for Self, Trust of Self, Nonjudgmental Curiosity About Symptoms + Pursuit of Healing the Root Cause, Boundaries Rather Than Walls, Nourishment, Peace + Contentment, Freedom from Fear, Sweating, Movement, Less Refined Sugar, Less Dairy, Acknowledging + Honoring Your Cravings, More Veggies, Less Gluten, Trusting Your Body + Intuition, Food as Medicine, Foods Made by Nature, Nurturing Muscle Development, Paying Attention to How Different Foods Make Your Body Feel, Freely Receiving Grace, Unconditionally Loving Your Bits of Jiggle, Allowing Yourself to Fully Enjoy Food, Slowing Down, Breathing More Deeply, Alignment with the Earth's and Life's Seasons, Releasing Worry, Spinal Alignment, Freedom from Shame, Actions Rooted in Love Not Fear or Guilt, Really Good Digestion, Savoring, Surrender, Gratitude, Sustainable Actions, Small Shifts Towards Your Desired Trajectory... What would you add to this list?


You are in the right place if:

  • You feel too busy to take on a hefty fitness program with its demanding meal plan, BUT BUT BUT you still want to look and feel AUH-MAZING!

  • You desire to invite curiosity and learning around how to deeply value and responsibly care for your body and the measure of health that each member of your family has been given; You see this as a sacred opportunity and essential skill set for both adults and kids, and you recognize that this is one of the most valuable gifts you will give your family.

  • You want to teach your children to love taking care of their bodies as you practice doing the same each week.

  • You are trying to conceive, currently pregnant, or any duration postpartum, and have been cleared for exercise by your doctor or midwife.



These bi-weekly blueprints include bite-size functional strength training* circuits, wellness tips, and season-inspired nourishment inspiration... all for busy moms who don't have the time, energy or maybe even the discipline right now (and that's totally okay!) to mess around with super long, super taxing workouts and rigid meal plans. Feel free to use the whole plan or select portions of it: you are in the driver's seat!

*What is functional strength training? These are exercises that match and equip you for the natural movements and demands you place on your body every single day.


The blueprints include mini hands-on, kid-friendly wellness lessons (that align with mom's wellness tip of the week), kid-friendly nourishment inspo, a Bible-based affirmation of the week, and an invitation to try out mom's exercises. Sections marked with +Kids! have content specifically for kiddos!

Don't Forget! ...

Invite encouragement and inspire your friends by posting pictures or videos as you invest in your health and enjoy this week's circuit and recipes! Post using the hashtag #MWB on Instagram and tagging @theproactivemom.

Something Done Imperfectly Beats Nothing Done Perfectly EVERY TIME

Before you read any further, we've GOT to be clear on this point... because, look, I am not asking you to implement the entire MWB all at once if you're not ready to do so. "Well if you don't want me do all of it, why did you include so much, Samantha?" The MWB is as thorough as it is for those who really want to AND who have the capacity to go deep, and if that's not you (which is 100% okay), this is my hope for you: this week, I hope you'll do #SomethingNotNothing ...because, truly, even the smallest bits count!


For each of us, our health + wellness is a beautiful journey and process of exploration and simply does not happen in one day or one week: it is the path down which we walk, skip, sprint, and sometimes crawl, and it is the average of little decisions we make over time. So sneak in something nourishing, strength train for 10 minutes while the kids play or have their bit of screen time, go for a walk in the sunshine, bring your awareness to your breath and breathe a little more deeply today. Just do #SomethingNotNothing -- You've got this!

Table of Contents

  1. Disclaimers & Important Information

  2. Weekly Message from Samantha

  3. An Overview of This Week's Equipment, Kitchen Tools & Ingredients

  4. MWB Breakthrough Tip

  5. A Word About Water

  6. Slow & Steady Fasted Cardio

  7. Gentle Nourishment Inspiration for Mama

  8. How to Use the MWB Functional Strength Training Circuit

  9. This Week's Circuit

  10. Encourage & Be Encouraged


Table of Contents

  1. Disclaimers & Important Information

  2. Weekly Message from Samantha

  3. An Overview of This Week's Equipment, Kitchen Tools & Ingredients

  4. MWB Breakthrough Tip

  5. A Word About Water

  6. Slow & Steady Fasted Cardio

  7. Gentle Nourishment Inspiration for Mama

  8. How to Use the MWB Functional Strength Training Circuit

  9. This Week's Circuit


Disclaimers & Some Important Info

  • Sections marked with +Kids! include stuff for your kiddos!


  • The functional strength training circuit is intended for women (prenatal or postpartum) who have been cleared by their OB or midwife for exercise

  • Special notes for women who are currently pregnant or early postpartum are included throughout this plan

  • The functional strength training circuit can be done at home with minimal equipment, or at the gym

  • Quality is Queen! Always prioritize good form over speed or load

  • If you need to, feel free to decrease or eliminate load or resistance as you progress through repetitions of the circuit

  • Muscle soreness is okay and to be expected, but pain is not synonymous with soreness and needs your attention

  • Hypoglycemic symptoms are not normal, should not be endured, and are important signals from you body that you need to eat more. This plan does not direct you to restrict calories

  • Above all else, practice listening to and honoring what your body is telling you. After all, there is profound, unlearned wisdom that is intrinsic to the design and nature of your body and brain.

  • Recommended Prerequisite or Co-requisite: CORE reBOOT CAMP 2.0 (details coming soon!)

The Consistency Cure

Small Shifts


We are here to create new, sustainable rhythms that uplift our health (and that of our families) from the inside out. This is not a process that can be rushed; rather, it is carried out one intentional decision and one small, sustainable shift at a time from which we can progressively build momentum. What we're talking about here is not a sprint to an arbitrary finish line; this is a life-long journey and process of self-discovery, and a beautiful one at that. One of the first steps towards modeling grace for our kids is to without reservation or hesitation, receive it freely for ourselves.

Accounting for Changing Capacity


Let's get clear on the definition of consistency: to be consistent is to do something more often than not... leaving grace-filled space for the 'not.' Being consistent is not being constant. You are succeeding at being consistent doing something 50.0000...01% of the time. So kick that progress-stunting 'all-or-nothing' mindset to the curb! If you feel compelled to aim for 100%, great - so long as you do not mistakenly label yourself as "inconsistent" or "failing" or "falling off track."

An Overview of This Week's Equipment & Ingredients


  • Heavy resistance loop

  • Dumbbell or kettlebell (one that is the appropriate amount of weight for glute and leg work, and one that is the appropriate amount of weight for back work)

  • An elevated surface (such as a step stool)



Animal Proteins

  • Organic ground turkey OR organic ground chicken OR canned wild-caught tuna


  • OPTIONAL: Mary's Gone Crackers (super seed flavor) or Jovial Organic Sourdough Einkorn Crackers


Vegetables & Fruits

  • Organic avocado

  • Organic large-leaf lettuce of choice (such as butter lettuce)

  • Organic tomato of choice, or red pepper

  • OPTIONAL: Organic berries or sweet (ripe) fruit of your choosing

  • OPTIONAL: Organic cucumber



  • Cracked black pepper

  • Organic garlic powder with no additives

  • Sea salt


Wellness Tip of the Week (+Kids!)

Inspiration for your Morning Rhythm...

When You Wake:

Right away when you wake up in the morning, allow hydrating your body to become your first priority (sleep is dehydrating, plus this helps 'wake up' your GI tract so it is ready for digestion). Enjoy 16 to 32 ounces of room-temperature or warm purified water or herbal tea* first thing in the morning, then wait at least 15 minutes before eating or drinking anything else (including coffee) - set a timer on your phone if needed.

*Loose-leaf or unbleached tea bags

Throughout the Day:

Keep your body hydrated throughout the day with purified water (preferably room temperature) and warm herbal tea (optional). I love using my 32-ounce tumbler (with press-in lid and straw) for hassle-free hydration throughout the day.


Kids (specifically children old enough to have water):

  1. Offer a cup of water to your kids when they wake up for them to sip before they have breakfast. Discuss with them how the water helps 'wake up' their tummy to prepare it to soak up or absorb the nutrients from their food which gives them energy. You could make a simple chart and let them add a blue sticker or check mark each day this week they have a bit of water in the morning.

  2. Discuss with your kids how their body is mostly made of water and is essential to all of their [subconscious] internal processes, how thirst is an important signal from their body, and drinking water when they feel thirsty helps keep their body healthy and strong. Help your children narrate their experience and what happens internally when they take a bite of food or sip of water (there are several YouTube videos listed below that will help you get started). You can also model this by doing it for yourself.

  3. Inspiration for encouraging your kids: "You listened to your body when you felt thirsty. You are keeping your body hydrated so that you can be healthy and strong today while you play! Way to go!" 

  4. A Couple of Vocabulary Words You Can Study with Your Kids: Digestion, Saliva, GI Tract, Hydrated / Hydration, Subconscious, Cell

  • Here's a fun video about digestion for kids: Click Here

  • Here's a fun video about hydration for kids: Click Here

  • Here's another fun video about hydration: Click Here

Slow + Steady Cardio (+Kids!)

This section briefly discusses weight loss and weight management. If this topic OR related wording is problematic for you, please feel free to skip ahead to the next section: Gentle Nourishment Inspiration for Mama. Thank you!











I've Been Doing HIIT... Why Should I Switch/ Incorporate Slow + Steady Cardio?

Given the objective of toning up and burning fat, slow + steady is really, truly where it's at! Interestingly, high-intensity cardio causes the body to release stress hormones and, in turn, break down muscle, which is contrary to our purpose here inside the MWB... Skinny + Flabby is not our goal; Strong + Fit is what we're here to nurture! To do so, we need to burn calories without burning muscle.


3 to 7 days this week, complete 20 to 60 minutes of slow + steady cardio. It does NOT have to happen all at once in one long stretch, and every bit counts!


Want to add a lil' extra UMPH?!

  1. Try adding fasted slow + steady cardio to your weekly rhythm: this is performed first thing in the morning before you eat... if you do so, be prepared to consume high-quality calories immediately after, especially if you are breastfeeding. Moms who are pregnant or early postpartum: please do not do fasted cardio. You know your body best, so listen to and honor what it tells you.

  2. If you have older children / the time + capacity to do so, add a second round of slow + steady cardio in the evening.

Slow + Steady Cardio Inspiration (for those without access to a cardio machine):

  • Jog in place with stacked posture

  • Jog outside with good extension and stacked posture

  • Go for a walk with your kids with stacked posture

  • Deep-Core-connected high marching in place or using a step, with good extension and stacked posture

  • Dance party with your kids

  • Pretend to be airplanes with your kids outside

  • Jump rope with Deep Core connection and stacked posture

  • Mix & Match!

Action Step:

Pull out your phone, open your calendar, and plan the days when you will FOR SURE do your cardio. Set reminders as necessary.

Gentle Nourishment Inspiration (+Kids!)

Want in on a secret? (Well, duh!) In order to achieve your health & fitness goals, you cannot be starving yourself! You actually kill progress when you are overly restrictive* over time. Why? Your body goes into storage mode when calories are super limited/ significantly less that what your body needs. So listen to and honor your body, lovingly nourishing it with plentiful, delicious, high-quality foods (because your body literally is what you eat and drink). Eat and ENJOY! Below is a little inspiration for your meals this week...


*Short-term, carefully-calibrated caloric deficits certainly can be used to achieve specific goals, but we will not be implementing these measures here inside the MWB.

Some Gentle Guidelines:

  • For better metabolism, aim to eat your meals at approximately the same time each day, and eat sitting down.

  • In the morning, drink water before you eat food, and eat food before you drink coffee.

  • If you are not pregnant and not early postpartum, finish eating by 7:00 pm.

  • Above all else, listen to and honor your body's needs and requests.


Recipe of the Week: Lettuce Wraps


Mash 1/2 avocado to desired consistency and mix with several dashes of garlic and onion powders. Combine with diced tomato or diced red pepper, and about a palm-sized amount of canned wild-caught tuna OR cooked and lightly seasoned (with sea salt and black pepper) ground turkey or chicken. Onto a large lettuce leaf of your choosing (butter lettuce, for example, is wonderful for this), scoop about 1 to 3 tablespoons of the mixture, Season with sea salt and cracked black pepper to taste. Enjoy with some fresh berries or other sweet fruit of your choosing, several Mary's Super Seed Gone Crackers or Jovial Organic Sourdough Einkorn Crackers (sea salt flavor), and/or a sliced organic cucumber (unpeeled) sprinkled with sea salt.

Making the Recipe Work for Your Kids:

Place the individual components in a muffin tin, allowing for each compartment to house a single ingredient. Place the muffin tin somewhere your children can access it while they play. Let your kids sample the flavors without pressure or shame.

How to Use the Functional Flow

A. If you are pregnant, early postpartum, and/or feeling a bit low on energy, follow this pattern:

  • Perform Exercise #1 for 60 seconds (per side, with the option to rest in between if needed)

  • REST for up to 60 seconds; use this time to hydrate as needed

  • Etc.

Pro Tip: Use your phone's timer

B. If you are feeling rested and ready to hit it, follow this pattern:

  • Perform Exercise #1 for 60 seconds (per side)

  • Without resting, perform Exercise #2 for 60 seconds (per side)

  • Etc.

Pro Tip: Use your phone's timer



Repeat the full circuit 2-5 times in a day: this can happen over the course of the day; it doesn't have to be all at once!


Aim to do this 2 to 6 days this week: this may be but does NOT have to be on the same days you complete the slow & steady fasted cardio.

Action Step:

Pull out your phone, open your calendar, and plan the days when you will do your functional strength training. Set reminders as necessary.


The Functional Flow

This Week's Circuit

Click the exercise to be taken to the coaching video...




Exercise #1: Elevated Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift w/ Asymmetric Load (Both Sides)

Pregnancy Variation


Movement Pattern: HIP HINGE



  • Elevated surface such as a step, elevated fireplace hearth, foot stool, etc.

  • Kettlebell (heaviest you can safely manage)



Exercise #2: Banded Lateral Steps with Squat and Asymmetric Load (Both Sides)

Pregnancy Variation: Take smaller and fewer lateral steps, or no lateral steps


Movement Pattern: CARRY + SQUAT



  • Heavy resistance loop

  • Optional: Dumbbell (heaviest you can safely manage)



Exercise #3: Non-Alternating Lunges (Both Sides)


Movement Pattern: LUNGE



Exercise #4: Quadruped Push Ups


Movement Pattern: UPPER BODY PUSH