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Fitness + Nutrition

You know how women do not consistently receive exceptional support and clear guidance regarding exercise and nutrition throughout our prenatal and postpartum years?

Yeah, we're here to solve that...

We are dedicated to helping you feel and function at your absolute best via our Nervous-System-Conscious Fitness Solutions and Restorative Nourishment Framework that are deeply empowering across the spectrum of motherhood -- all so that you can ditch the guesswork, avoid counter-productively over-burdening your nervous system during these incredibly demanding and often depleting seasons of life, and ROCK your confidence, fitness-competence, strength, and sexy!

hey there! 

I'm   Samantha

I am a mother of three boys, and a holistic prenatal & postnatal coach who specializes in functional core + strength training; I partner with women through all seasons of motherhood, because YOU and the people you love deserve the most vibrant version of you.


By coaching strategies and evidence-based practices to proactively nurture your health and wellness with intelligently-programmed, Nervous-System-Conscious, compassion-based fitness solutions, with an emphasis on functional core + strength training that's specific to moms


I offer a unique style and gentle, whole-being approach to physical fitness for women, honoring the integrated nature and inherent wisdom of your body.


1: So that you can befriend your body and vibrantly live your crazy-beautiful, beautifully crazy life on your terms, right now and for many years to come;

2: So that you can be the type of woman who is stunningly strong to your core;

3: Because wholeness is your birthright;

4. And because, as a mother, you are your team's MVP: your family requires a lot of you physically, emotionally, and mentally. Perform at a high level by prioritizing fitness that meets you right where you're at...


Certified Prenatal + Postnatal Coach

with the Coaching and Training Women's Academy

Functional Movement Systems Certified Professional

FMS Levels 1 and 2

Certified Postnatal Fitness Specialist

with JMG Fitness Academy

Certified Personal Trainer

with the American Council on Exercise (ACE)

You know deep down to your core that you've been lovingly created and called to do so much more than just get by; you're thirsty to thrive and enjoy sustained vibrancy from within...

And you understand that physical restoration is essential as one of your Primary Pillars (i.e., a super-important thing that enables you to do all of the other super-important things)...

Our protocols and overarching philosophy are derived from our unique Adaptive-Being Approach:
We treat the body as a highly-sophisticated
 and highly-adaptive system in which all symptoms and observed dysfunction are adaptations and patterns produced in response to external and internal stimuli over time, indicative not of brokenness, but of the wisdom of your body at work on your behalf. Get ready to experience a highly-effective, gentle-yet-challenging, holistic approach to fitness like never before.

Life is 

The benefits of exercise are abundant and clear;

Exercising in a way that is effective yet safe AND gentle yet challenging for your body and nervous system is oh so important for your long-term wellness - and, unfortunately, not so clear.

Until now...

Take care of your transformed and transforming, life-creating and life-sustaining body, so that you can keep on keeping up with the little (or grown) humans and passions you enjoy and love, now and for many years to come...

Find Joy in Fitness | Find Healing in Fitness

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Holistic Prenatal + Postnatal Coaching

Signature Core Camp Program


Bi-Weekly Mini Wellness Plans for Moms + Kids (Free)

The Mindful Wellness Blueprint


Module 1 of Core Camp (Free)

"Digging Down to the Actual (and Surprising) Roots of Your Symptoms of Core + Pelvic Floor Dysfunction"



You know how so many moms silently struggle and consistently cope with feeling depleted, totally overwhelmed, frustrated, unfulfilled, and guilty?

Freedom awaits...

Meditating in Nature

Have you ever kinda sorta felt like the words of the Psalmist - "Be still" - were clearly written by a man and, most days, seem pretty incompatible with motherhood?

Or perhaps you feel restless and tethered to unmet expectations and desires.

Want in on a little secret? (Duh!)

Mindfulness, meditation, breathwork and ancient healing wisdom that are compatible with (and essential tools for) motherhood, and are not just a bunch of New Age woo, but are actually backed by modern scientific insights AND align with Scripture and the teachings of Jesus, are totally a thing! 


I'm   Samantha

I am a Jesus-lovin' mama of three boys, holistic prenatal & postnatal coach. I lead guided Meditative Prayer sessions to help women walk in their divine ability and calling to thrive in Wellness, Wholeness, and Abundant Health.

Although you and I perhaps have yet to meet, I am guessing that we share common ground in the feeling that motherhood is the most stretching, most refining, most challenging, and most rewarding role of our lives...

Perhaps you feel deeply grateful, and simultaneously experience one, some, or many of these:


>>Your nervous system feels fried


>>You feel depleted, overwhelmed, irritable, frustrated, or anxious


>>You feel wired + tired

>>You have difficulty sustaining desired habits, rhythms or ways of thinking, feeling and being


>>You feel like a less-than-vibrant version of yourself


>>You can't help feeling the weight of unmet expectations or unfulfilled desires

kymberly janelle photography-4.jpg

...AND YET you know in your heart that you have been lovingly created and called to do so much more than just get by;


You are thirsty to thrive and enjoy sustained vibrancy as you claim and stand in the promises of God for you and your family...

Come experience the deep healing and whole-being restoration of guided Meditative Prayer, as you honor and tap into the vast and miraculously intricate, wise workings of your wonderful body, brain, mind, and nervous system, and experience rest, clarity, and peace.

Shift out of living and mothering from subconscious limiting beliefs and fears, frustration, overwhelm, and brokenness - and step into Wholeness.

What is Meditative Prayer?
Your body and being comprise a
highly-sophisticated and responsive system in which all symptoms and experienced dysfunction are subconscious adaptations and patterns produced in response to external and internal stimuli over time. For many of us, unresolved traumas of widely varying types and degrees 'live' in our bodies, brains, and nervous systems. Meditative Prayer facilitates Heart Coherence, physical restoration, and spiritual renewal as you embrace freedom from your own subconscious adaptations and patterns. This is a personal practice and no two sessions are exactly alike: they may include a variety of modalities including visualization, breathwork, and movement - depending on the specific needs of the individual or group.